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For information on enrollment for the 2017-2018 school year families must attend
ONE of informational meetings that will be held: February 28 10:30am-11:30am or March 8 5:30pm-6:30pm at the Lemon Grove Library in the Community Room-3131 School Lane, LG 91945
Para información sobre inscripción preescolar para el año 2017-2018, familias interesadas deben asistir a UNA de las dos juntas que serán: el 28 de febrero de 10:30am a 11:30am o el 8 de marzo de 5:30pm a 6:30pm el la biblioteca de Lemon Grove en el salon comunitario en el 3131 School Lane LG 91945



The 6th Annual Preschool

Art Exhibit


Where: Lemon Grove Library & Community Room

3001 School Lane

Lemon Grove, CA 91945


All children from each Preschool site will have art creations on display. Please come out and enjoy the displays, light refreshments and participate in some free art!!






Date: Wednesday May 17, 2017  

Art Show Time: 5:00-6:30pm

Library hours: 9:30am-8pm




El 6ta Anual

Exposición  de Arte Prescolar


Dónde: Salón Comunitario de la      Biblioteca de Lemon Grove

        3001 School Lane

        Lemon Grove, CA 91945


Todos los niños de cada salón prescolar tendrán piezas de arte en exposición. ¡¡Por favor acompáñenos y disfrute las obras de arte, bocadillos ligeros y participe en actividades de arte!!






Fecha: Miércoles 17 de Mayo, 2017  

Horario de la exposición: 5:00-6:30pm

Horario de la Biblioteca: 9:30am-8pm

2016-2017 Preschool Program only offered at:

Lemon Grove Academy
Monterey Heights
Mount Vernon
San Miguel
Vista La Mesa Academy
 San Altos (Special Day Class Only)
Applications will be distributed to families based on priority ranking when space is available.  Priority is based on the information received from families when placed on the interest list.  For more details regarding our interest list ranking, please contact the preschool office at 619.825.5720

Las aplicaciones de inscripción serán repartidas a las familias con mas prioridad cuando hay espacio disponible.  La prioridad será basada  en la información que se de al momento de poner a su hijo/a en la lista de interes.  Para mas detalles sobre el proceso de selección de la lista de interés, por favor llame a la oficina prescolar al 619.825.5720



Welcome to Lemon Grove School District Preschool!


Welcome to the Lemon Grove School District Preschool Program.  We are pleased that you have chosen a high-quality school district preschool for your child and your family.  At Lemon Grove School District we recognize the importance of a quality early childhood experience for all children and we also value the partnership with families. We realize that children learn both at home and at school, therefore our program promotes parental involvement and facilitates child learning in all areas of development: social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and language. 


Each day you will hear about the delightful experiences that we have shared together with your child. We want your child to come home every day bursting with excitement and anxious to tell you about the wonders they have discovered and the adventures they have had throughout the day. We will be encouraging your child to ask questions and to explore their own ideas, while we document what they learn through play, as they become independent learners.  For your child to enjoy and benefit from all of our learning opportunities, we ask you to partner with us by preparing them for school each day.

The preschool program is funded by the State of California, First 5 San Diego's Quality Preschool Initiative, and AKA Head Start.  The program is monitored for quality by the California Department of Education, Child Development Division, Community Care Licensing, and the Quality Preschool Initiative.  We offer part-day and full-day programs at no-cost.  Services are available to all persons who meet program eligibility requirements without regard to sex, sexual orientation, race, gender, religion, ethnicity and national origin, color, and physical or mental disability.  We welcome enrollment of children with disabilities. 

We welcome your questions, comments and ideas. Our preschool is a learning environment - not only for children but also for parents and staff. We look forward with enthusiasm to partnering with you in your child’s education. 


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